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World Health Organisation (WHO) guideline for the non-surgical management of chronic primary low back pain

On the 7th December 2023, the World Health Organisation (WHO) released its guideline for the non-surgical management of chronic primary low back pain in adults in primary and community care settings. There appears a degree of consistency for some areas of treatment of chronic lower back pain, but as expected there are a few differences.


14 December 2023

PCRMM Webinar: NMAHPPS in clinical research and quality improvement – how to get involved

This webinar, given by Emma Sutton and Caroline Miller will equip you with the skills you need to make an impact with your QI, service evaluation or research abstract and […]


31 October 2022

Liver blood tests: how to interpret abnormal results

Read this article to learn more about: when to request liver blood tests and how to interpret the results actions to take if results of liver blood tests are abnormal […]


29 June 2021

PCRMM Webinar: How to translate evidence into practice; Critically Appraised Topic (CAT) groups explored

This webinar, by Kay Stevenson, highlights the benefits to clinical practice, patient care and research of a proactive group that has been running successfully for over 10 years. In that […]


29 April 2021

Versus Arthritis Service Offer Booklet

Versus Arthritis services booklet which outlines the VA offer for HCPs – resources to support them and resources to support their patients.


28 April 2021

Introducing the new FSEM/PCRMM diploma

Why is it needed? Who it’s for? Where does it ‘sit’ in a career path? What is the form of the exam? Why could it be valuable for you? The […]


13 April 2021

Medically unexplained symptoms

A good introduction to the presentation of medically unexplained symptoms, what may underlie the presentation, why the consultations can be so stressful and unsatisfactory for all parties and and some strategies to help clinicians better manage such patients


6 April 2021

Lab tests online

aimed at patients but useful basic resource for those who are new to blood test use and interpretation


26 March 2021

Musculoskeletal Specialities

There are a large number of topics, with focus on the most common and significant presentations in primary care.


26 March 2021

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