Resources (PCRMM webinars)

PCRMM Webinar: All About PMR

This excellent webinar was given by Sarah Mackie and Bharat Kandikonda. It was both very engaging and extremely informative!


21 July 2022

PCRMM Webinar: Algorithm for diagnosis and management of adult ankle and foot problems in primary care

This informative and compelling webinar was given by Krystian Dawiec on the commonplace issue of ankle and foot problems. The talk includes teaching about a comprehensive ankle and foot pain […]


5 July 2022

PCRMM Webinar: Managing Low Back Pain and Sciatica

This engaging and extremely interesting webinar was given by Ian Bernstein and Dan Bourke; they explored what works and what doesn’t work for managing low back pain and sciatica in […]


6 June 2022

PCRMM Webinar: Assessment and Treatment of Pain and Fatigue in inflammatory conditions

A compelling webinar given by Will Gregory, a Consultant Physiotherapist working for the Rheumatology Team at Salford Royal Hospital.


6 April 2022

PCRMM webinar – Vitamin D and Calcium: an overview: an overview with a focus on bone health

Dr Zoe Paskins and Dr Sarah Hardcastle This webinar about calcium and vitamin D covers: indications for testing; interpretation and significance of abnormal results; calcium and vitamin D replacement; and, […]


7 March 2022

PCRMM Webinar – The National Early Inflammatory Arthritis Audit (NEIAA)

Dr Jo Ledingham NEIAA Ethnicity report: BSR Referral guidelines:


25 January 2022

Self examination of Tender and Swollen Joints in Rheumatoid Arthritis

This webinar will cover the essentials around examination of tender and swollen joints in rheumatoid arthritis (RA), including the differences between clinical findings in inflammatory versus non-inflammatory arthritis, and explore […]


6 October 2021

PCRMM Webinar: Menopause and MSK – What’s the Relevance?

This engaging and very interesting webinar was held by the much esteemed Dr Louise Newson and covers: Menopause symptoms and making a diagnosis Perimenopause Menopause symptoms and making a diagnosis […]


27 July 2021

PCRMM Webinar: Chest Pain and Paediatric MSK

This webinar will include 2 compelling talks from Dr Lucy Douglas. In the first, “Musculoskeletal chest pain a clinical approach” , Lucy will try to cover the important causes of […]


7 July 2021

PCRMM Webinar: MSK Masqueraders and Urgent Referrals

For this webinar David Wilson and Krystian Dawiec who both work in primary care will look at some cases and conditions that may present in a First Contact practitioners Clinic. […]


28 May 2021

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