Where Dermatology meets Rheumatology and Musculo-Skeletal
This conference focussed on important and common conditions seen in Primary Care in which there is crossover between dermatology and rheumatology

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Axial Spa - identification and referral
Axial spa - symptoms and characteristics

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PCRMM webinar: Digital Developments in SpA
Now available to watch online - this webinar is on the extensive subject of Spondyloarthritis
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PCRMM Webinar - Gout diagnosis, treatment and management: An update on best practice in primary care
Gout – What’s new in the understanding & management of gout?
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PCRMM Webinar - Thinking Differently about Osteoarthritis
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The Annual John Dickson Award and Medal

John Dickson (1943 – 2017) – a GP with an interest in musculoskeletal (MSK) and rheumatological medicine – co-founded the PCR Society in 1986 and was the Society’s first President. He went on to specialise in this field but retained a focus on primary care, gaining both a national and international reputation in the field.

The PCR was the first GP Primary Care Society in the world. It remains the only primary care society for GPs and their teams in both MSK and rheumatological medicine worldwide.

John’s life work was driving the improvement of knowledge, education and research needs of primary care practitioners in order to equip them to efficiently and confidently manage their MSK patients’ needs, which account for around a third of GP workload.

He was known for his trademark kind and friendly approach, seeking out and supporting young enthusiastic people to develop their careers. His interest in his patients as people and pride in his work were what he sought to instil in the young practitioner. He passed on his belief of freely giving back to others, often summarised as ‘just pass it on’ when people wished to thank him.

The PCR Society approached John when they learnt of his diagnosis of incurable acute myeloid leukaemia, secondary to his earlier treatment for lymphoma. They were aware that John wanted his legacy of identifying and mentoring young, upcoming MSK and rheumatology health professionals in primary care to continue. The John Dickson Medal was established with his blessing and the aim “to celebrate and foster excellence in primary care musculoskeletal medicine”.

It is hoped that by receiving the award it will identify people and shine a constructive spotlight on them. The aim being to encourage others to support and mentor the recipients as John would have done, ultimately for the good of patients and their outcomes.

The award is given annually at the PCR Society’s Annual Conference in November. The nomination process for the Award will be announced shortly.

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Dear GPs on Twitter,

Please complete this survey from @BMA_GP @doctor_katie .

A very comprehensive one about needs of #TeamGP to help your representatives prioritise their work for you.

Any GP can complete.

Refreshing our mailing-list for the @OMERACT PMR Working Group:

If you’re interested in helping to advance the design and quality of future clinical studies in polymyalgia rheumatica, please get in touch.

Patients/public, clinicians, methodologists, industry all welcome.

🛑 Let’s stop saying #PMR and #GCA are “diseases of the elderly” 🛑

Excludes a large number who mightn’t see themselves as “elderly”. 🙍🏻🙍🏽‍♂️

here’s the published version of the study from the blog: When PMR strikes young, it hits hard. 📝…

I have family in Israel, belong to a group of UK doctors helping to develop primary care in Palestine and have friends & colleagues on both sides.

Why doctors need to rise above identity politics and share narratives of friendship and collegiality.

(Please read the article…

The last big multistudy of my #PhD is live!
Exploring dissociation, inflammation & brain function in #FND seeking 600 people with FND, healthy controls and those with other #longterm conditions
Study 1 link: http://bit.ly/3uC9Tfa

#fnd #research #psychology #invisibleilness

I don't want a lot for christmas.. I just want to finish my data collection!
Still 400 people with #FND, 400 healthy controls and 500 people with other #chronicillness e.g. #Fibromyalgia Phase 1 is a 20 min online survey. More info and take part at: https://bit.ly/3uC9Tfa

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