"MSK across multi-disciplinary First Contact care"
11th and 12th November
PCRMM Webinar - Pain Mechanisms and Treatment Choices in Hypermobility Disorders
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27th September 2022, 7 - 8.30
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PCRMM Webinar - Diagnosing and Management of Ankle and Foot Problems

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PCRMM Webinar:
All about PMR

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PCRMM Webinar - Defining and Advancing Capabilities in the Assessment and Treatment of Pain and Fatigue in Inflammatory MSK Conditions
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PCRMM Webinar - Lower Back Pain and Sciatica

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PCRMM Webinars

We will be running a series of webinars throughout the year on a variety of subjects. Here at PCRMM we are committed to education and the dissemination of knowledge to help those involved in MSK care improve that care, their own education and generally to promote new findings and advancements.

To this end, we have put together a series of webinars, led by knowledgeable speakers and experts in their field, on a range of interesting and relevant topics, carefully planned to provide useful information for our members. Members can see all our live and recorded webinars for free; non-members are also welcome to watch our live webinars for a fee of £30.

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Dates announced for 2022 PCRMM conference

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The PCRMM welcomes all doctors and all allied health professionals of all grades, including trainees, who are involved in the care of patients with rheumatological and musculoskeletal conditions in primary care.

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