Where Dermatology meets Rheumatology and Musculo-Skeletal
This conference focussed on important and common conditions seen in Primary Care in which there is crossover between dermatology and rheumatology

The recording is now available!
Axial Spa - identification and referral
Axial spa - symptoms and characteristics

Recording now available
PCRMM webinar: Digital Developments in SpA
Now available to watch online - this webinar is on the extensive subject of Spondyloarthritis
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PCRMM Webinar - Gout diagnosis, treatment and management: An update on best practice in primary care
Gout – What’s new in the understanding & management of gout?
Now available to watch online
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PCRMM Webinar - Thinking Differently about Osteoarthritis
Recording now available to watch
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Welcome to the Primary Care Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Medicine Society

The PCRMM welcomes all doctors and all allied health professionals of all grades, including trainees, who are involved in the care of patients with rheumatological and musculoskeletal conditions in primary care.

The PCRMM provides the primary care team perspective and voice. We understand the challenges of delivering good quality patient care in the high-pressure primary care environment.

Our aims

  • Improve knowledge of musculoskeletal & rheumatology disorders in primary care
  • Improve & maintain standards of care provided for patients
  • Develop educational standards for providers of musculoskeletal medicine & rheumatology
  • Build effective partnerships with other providers of musculoskeletal & rheumatology care
  • Participate in guideline and service development to ensure the primary care perspective is heard
  • Support research into MSK and rheumatological conditions
  • Provide support and mentorship for those primary care clinicians wishing to develop a special interest or extended role

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#PhD viva in a couple of weeks

Did that shameless thing of listening to myself on a podcast as part of my preparation.

If you have a spare hour and want to hear me discuss my findings related to #diagnosticimaging then check out the pod here:

@DrLucyDouglas @trishgreenhalgh @Oohgpwales Ah well! Worse things have happened.

One tip on knee imaging clinical info for GPs …

Please tell us the anatomical location of knee pain/tenderness.

Is it…
Anterior central
Posterior central


This table is the absolutely key bit of the patient safety in remote consultations paper... if you're a patient, clinician or involved in working in a practice read this!

New team paper is out, and I’m very proud to be first author! “Patient safety in remote primary care encounters: multimethod qualitative study combining Safety I and Safety II analysis” | BMJ Quality & Safety

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