PCRMM Webinar: FCP Integration into the Workforce

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David Wilson1, Simon Ingram2, Abigail Henderson3

1 MSK Practitioner, Bridlington PCN
2 FCP Clinical Lead and MSK APP
3 Head of FCP Implementation, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Our first webinar, “FCP Implementation into the Workforce” which took place on 28th January 2021 was a huge success. There were 3 knowledgeable speakers – David Wilson who is a first contact MSK practitioner who works for Bridlington PCN. He was involved in developing the local MSK service in implementation of MSK practitioners into the local PCN. 

Also, Simon Ingram, FCP Clinical Lead and Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner who recently wrote an article on FCP implementation. He describes the set up in Somerset using a service provider model for the PCNs. He touches upon the implementation and structure including supervision and incorporating training. 

The last speaker was Abigail Henderson who is the CSP FCP implementation lead and talked about the FCP phase 3 evaluation. She talked though the results and what this means for FCPs and the future of FCP implementation. 

The webinar is aimed at those service providers, PCN/GP practice leads looking to incorporate FCPs into primary care. Also those who have started roles as an FCP looking for more guidance on implementation and how to make their job role sustainable for the PCN.

David Wilson, Simon Ingram, Abigail Henderson
members only