Interpreting Rheumatology Blood Tests

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In this PCRMM webinar, Dr Louise Warburton aims to demystify Rheumatology blood tests.


Webinar presented by Dr Louise Warburton

  • Co-President of PCRMM
  • Medical Lead for MSK Service STW, Telford
  • Associate Medical Director for Shropshire Community Trust
  • Honorary Senior Lecturer at Keele University.


The webinar covers when to request rheumatology tests such as rheumatoid factor, anti-CCP, ANA. When a patient presents with joint pain which could be a rheumatology disorder, it is often hard to know which tests to request and even harder to know what to do with a positive result. We have all had the experience of getting back a mildly positive ANA and having no idea what to do with it! Some of the rarer tests for conditions such as vasculitis will also be covered.

The aim of this webinar is to enable you to be more confident in managing these patients and knowing when to ask for help.

The webinar includes Q&A sessions.

Dr Louise Warburton
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