THIS EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED
If you are interested in attending the event or would like updates on when it will take place, or more information, please mail me at and I will ensure                                                 that you receive all further updates

Return to the Anatomy department for some hands on learning! Get an inside view of the shoulder and learn some commonly used injection techniques.

We are pleased to be able to offer an extremely stimulating HANDS ON Anatomy Day .

Our half-day course is aimed not only at practitioners aspiring to inject shoulders using landmark guidance, but also those already using these techniques, who wish to improve their knowledge. The first course will take place in the morning and will be run again in the afternoon with exactly the same content. You can SEE THE TIMETABLE BELOW.

Starting with surface anatomy, we’ll move on to models and prosections, in order to understand how to approach the commonly used sites in a safe and practical way, and then try out our skills on cadavers.

We will cover injections of the gleno-humeral joint, the sub-acromial space, and the acromio-clavicular joint in particular, but there will be plenty of opportunity to gain more from these interactive, hands-on sessions.

We have some extremely experienced and knowledgeable presenters to guide you through the day including Steve Longworth, co-author (with Stephanie Saunders) of ‘Injection Techniques In Musculoskeletal Medicine’  5th ed 2019. Also there to present and offer advice will be Dr Lucy Douglas, Dr Arthur Mone and Dr Alan Walker.

Attendees should come prepared with a look at their anatomy sources beforehand, and in loose clothing or sportswear, as we look at surface anatomy on each other!

House rules will be explained at the start of the session, but please be aware, mobile phones are not allowed in the dissecting rooms. 

Also note, that because of some chemicals used in the embalming processes, pregnant persons, and those trying to get pregnant, are not allowed into these areas.

Attendance certificates will be given out after the sessions have taken place, and evaluation forms will be distributed.



There will be 2 identical sessions, one in the morning (9 – 12.30) and one in the afternoon (1.30 – 5). The content will be the same and you can see the timetable for the sessions below.