PCRMM Event: Long COVID syndrome; setting up the perfect Long COVID service

Tuesday 13th July, 7 – 8.30pm

This very topical and extremely interesting event has been added into our webinar programme. 


Unlike our webinars, it will be a more informal discussion between the 2 speakers and held in a more interactive way for our attendees. It will also be free to both members and non-members and will now include information about the new Enhanced Service for Long COVID.

Dr Harsha Master will be talking about being involved in developing long Covid services in East and North Herts last year and how they developed a Long Covid pathway at pace and with very little national guidance. She will give useful insights as to how they developed and set up their service, what challenges they have faced. What has worked and what hasn’t.

Dr Amy Small’s talk will be on the subject of the lived Experience of Long Covid, what clinicians can do for patients with long covid and when external support is needed.

Dr Master is a General Practitioner by background (completed the MRCGP in 2008), and has an academic interest in infectious disease with an additional degree BSc in Infection and Immunity. She is currently the GP Lead of the Covid-19 Rehab Service at Hertfordshire Community Trust ( HCT) and helped in the development of a long-COVID pathway at pace, and with very little national guidance. To support the rehabilitation of these patients, Hertfordshire Community Trust (HCT), co-designed a multidisciplinary team (MDT) pathway with the aim of delivering coordinated, holistic care involving both medical assessment and rehabilitation, working closely with colleagues in social care, acute hospitals, mental health, and the voluntary sector.
They developed a dynamic, evolving and adaptive pathway in response to patient need, in order to facilitate better communication, care as well as the development of new pathways between acute, community and primary care teams in order to try and provide a more integrated approach. Due to the initial lack of guidance, especially in primary care for identifying and managing of patients with long-Covid, Dr Master also co-wrote ‘Top Tips in Managing Long Covid’, which was published in Guidelines in Practice in Dec 2020.

Amy Small is a Portfolio GP in Lothian, Member of a Scottish Government Group looking at pathways for people with Long COVID and Long COVID Medical Advisor to Chest Heart Stroke Scotland. She is currently trying to set up a long COVID service in Lothian. She is also a patient who suffers from Long COVID.

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