Qualifications in primary and intermediate care – MSK and rheumatology.


An introduction to the new FSEM/ PCRMM MSK diploma.

Why is it needed? Who it’s for? Where does it ‘sit’ in a career path? What is the form of the exam? Why could it be valuable for you? The session will provide an opportunity to put questions to a panel of colleagues involved in development of the diploma.

This session will also present three courses leading to higher-level qualifications, for clinicians in their primary and/or intermediate care MSK/rheumatology career -some principally of interest to doctors, and other practitioners, considering an MSc in support of an intermediate care career.

We hope that the webinar will help to inform people considering qualification decisions as part of career development e.g. physios considering a career in primary care, GP trainees with an interest in MSK/rheumatology, FCPs and ESPs looking for a formal demonstration of knowledge, GPs considering becoming a GPwER.

An introduction to the new FSEM/ PCRMM MSK diploma – Speakers Panel

Dr Chris Tomlinson & Dr Giles Hazan – Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine UK (FSEM)
Dr Richard Collins
Dr Louise Warburton PCRMM

Find out more about the diploma HERE

Bite-sized introductions to MSK related post graduate courses

Practitioners with a Special Interest–Musculoskeletal Medicine with Rheumatology Postgraduate Diploma and MSc, Bradford University

Speaker: Dr Andrew Jackson
GP Partner and GP Trainer for Bingley Medical Practice. Founding clinician Airedale and Wharfedale MSK Consortium. Lead Tutor in MSK and rheumatology at Bradford University.

Musculoskeletal Management course, MSc, University of Central LANCASHIRE (UCLan)

Speaker: Karen May
Principal Lecturer School of Medicine, Course Leader MSc Sports Medicine & Musculoskeletal Management,

If you have any questions that you would like to put to the speakers in advance, to be answered during the webinar, please send them to