PCRMM Webinar: Managing Low Back Pain and Sciatica

Join Ian Bernstein and Dan Bourke for an extremely engaging webinar on lower back pain and Sciatica.


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PCRMM Webinar: Managing Low Back Pain and Sciatica

31st May 2022, 7pm – 8.30pm

This engaging and extremely interesting webinar will be given by Ian Bernstein and Dan Bourke; they explore what works and what doesn’t work for managing low back pain and sciatica in primary and community care.
They combine a review of NICE guidelines with a discussion about how they implement them in practice.
Questions that they will discuss include:

  • ‘will my patient get better?’ – managing their expectations
  • minimising harm – who should be imaged and what to prescribe
  • how and when to de-prescribe – new NICE guidance expected in April
  • ‘is it really that simple?’ – how to prioritise when people have multiple conditions


Ian is Clinical Director for Musculoskeletal Health, Musculoskeletal Physician and Director of Medical Education. He trained first as a GP in 1992 and became a GP Trainer in 2002. Ian trained at the London College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1993 and completed his MSc in Osteopathy and Musculoskeletal medicine at University College London in 1999. Ian is the Clinical Director for Musculoskeletal Health at NHS England and NHS Improvement, London Region. Ian’s clinical role is as a musculoskeletal physician employed by Connect Health Ltd in the Herts Valleys Integrated Musculoskeletal Service, working in the community pain service. Ian took up a part time appointment as Director of Medical Education at Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust in May 2020. Ian was a member of the NICE Low Back Pain and Sciatica, and Chronic Pain Guideline Committees, and is the chair of the NICE Head Injury and Neurorehabilitation Guideline Committees.

Dan is an Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner, Clinical Lead, Herts Valley Integrated Musculoskeletal Service, Connect Health. Daniel Bourke danielbourke@connecthealth.co.uk