PCRMM Webinar – Live Well with Pain

This webinar is now taking place on Wednesday 29th March after being postponed from 24th January.


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PCRMM Webinar – Live Well with Pain

This compelling webinar will be given by Frances Cole, from “Live Well with Pain”. In 1996 she and colleagues set up the first primary care based pain management programmes in the UK with £2,000 grant, taking only referrals from GPs! Patient outcomes were crucial to see whether CBT based pain management programme approaches made a difference. The outcomes found people with pain had significantly less anxiety, depression, improved physical health and, most of all, their confidence to cope with their lives despite the pain had doubled. They grew their lives, slept better, some returned to work, travelled to see family abroad and took up new hobbies and friendships.

The way forward for clinicians is therefore to know more about persistent pain and ways to engage patients in shifting from a “fix it for me” mindset to “help me make the best of my life.”

To help you do this, Live Well with Pain offers a range of knowledge, skills, tools and resources to use in brief patient contact time.

Frances’ webinar will shed more light on this and explain how they developed the resources and website and what is available for GPs and FCPs to use.

Frances Cole is a recently retired GP passionate about quality primary care and community management of persistent pain since in 1996. She gained a postgraduate diploma in CBT therapy in 1993-4 and focused on the role of biopsychosocial approach to persistent pain management.