PCRMM Covid-19 guidance

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COVID-19 has created an unprecedented healthcare situation which is having a substantial impact on all our lives.

Dear PCRMM members, our partners and the wider public

I am writing this on the day the UK government has introduced further substantial measures to try to limit the spread of the Corvid 19 virus. We are dealing with an unprecedented healthcare situation which is having a substantial impact on all our lives.

All individuals are now compelled to limit face to face social contact. Only by slowing the spread of the virus will patients, the wider public and essential workers be protected. Please follow the guidance.

Please see the PCRMM resources page. Links to the latest UK Government, British Society for Rheumatology, and Royal College of General Practitioners guidance on Covid-19 can be found there.

In order to protect MSK and rheumatology patients from high risk clinical environments, face to face patient contact is being minimised. Non- essential medications which may affect an individual’s ability to deal with a covid-19 infection are being stopped or reduced. Please see the Royal College of Radiology guidance on steroid injections also available on our website.

Immunocompromised patients, those with certain long term health conditions and the elderly should remove themselves from all risk of Covid-19 exposure if possible.

Due to the pressures on the wider NHS, many non-urgent MSK, rheumatology and pain clinic appointments, investigations and face to face treatments are currently limited. Fortunately, however, these days there are excellent resources available on-line for patients to self-manage their symptoms, including for example the excellent Versus Arthritis, Patient.UK and NHS websites.

Exercise, which is a core treatment for most MSK and rheumatology conditions, proven to reduce pain and inflammation, and improve function, can be and should be continued, provided the rules to reduce virus transmission through social distancing are strictly followed.

Stay safe.