PCRMM Webinar: FCP Integration into the Workforce

We are hosting our first webinar, “FCP Implementation into the Workforce” on 28th January from 7 – 8.30pm. You will be able to hear 3 knowledgeable speakers – David Wilson – David is a first contact MSK practitioner who works for Bridlington PCN. He was involved in developing the local MSK service in implementation of […]

PCRMM Webinar: Rehabilitation after Covid-19

We are pleased to announce the second in our series of webinars, "Rehabilitation after Covid-19". This very topical and engaging webinar will be given by three speakers, Dr David Salman, Catherine Thomson and Dr Amal Hassan. David is a GP and clinical research fellow at Imperial College London, interested in the role of physical activity […]

PCRMM Webinar: Understanding Osteoporosis; assessing fracture risk in Primary Care and case presentations from everyday practice

This webinar is being given by Zoe Paskins who you can read about below. It will be divided into two sessions: the first on assessment, and the second on management and therapeutic challenges. Zoe will cover who to assess for osteoporosis and how, and use case examples to illustrate therapeutic challenges about selection and monitoring […]


Why is it needed? Who it’s for? Where does it ‘sit’ in a career path? What is the form of the exam? Why could it be valuable for you? The session will provide an opportunity to put questions to a panel of colleagues involved in development of the diploma. This session will also present three […]