The official revision course for the FSEM PCRMM diploma in MSK Medicine

The Official Revision Course for the FSEM PCRMM MSK Diploma course is being developed by Connect Health and PCRMM in partnership.

The course is aimed specifically with those preparing to sit the diploma and as such will be based around the diploma syllabus.

It will however also be relevant to those health care professionals who would simply like an update on all relevant MSK, rheumatological and pain conditions which may be encountered in primary care and intermediate care, but who may not be planning to sit the exam at the present time.

To maximise accessibility, the course will be delivered online and will be in good time for the next sitting of the diploma on the 4 May 2022. The plan is to provide online resources for self-directed study and 2 live study days towards the end of February and mid-April 2022.

We will provide updates on the website as soon as more information becomes available.